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Recent Posts

    Restrict Certificate Authority to a Domain

    Sun, Sep 4, 2016
    Many intranets setup a certificate authority (CA) in order to have a good internal SSL/TLS infrastructure. As computers inside the network are managed, to automatically install the CA certificate on all computers is not a problem. Things are different when you have people bringing external computers to work on the internal network, network administrators can request that people install the CA certificate, if they do, they are trusting a lot more than access to encrypted sites inside the internal network, by default a trusted CA can be used to generate certificates for any site, and browsers will accept them.

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 7 Driver Disk

    Sun, Jul 3, 2016
    Recently I had the need to install CentOS 7 on an old machine to be used as a simple firewall. The problem I faced was that the RAID controller (IBM ServeRAID 5) of that old server was not suported anymore by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and by that, by CentOS kernels. The driver is part of the kernel version of CentOS 7 but Red Hat disable it for support reasons.

    Modern Java EE Servers

    Sun, Jun 5, 2016
    Modern Java EE servers are much different than any other software development stack I have known. Meanwhile others platforms get bloated with time, I have observed the inverse on Java EE, at least the opensource ones. I have been working migrating to WildFly 10, the upstream project for JBoss AS, this thing start in just 3 seconds. I remember when I was amazed when JBoss 6 EAP started in multiples of that time a few years back, and no, it isn’t because of new hardware, my laptop is more than five years old.

    Static site generators and Git modification times

    Mon, May 30, 2016
    One of the (mis)features of Git is that it doesn’t track file modification times, this could be a problem when using static website generators. As there isn’t any Blog/CMS running on the server, just a plain HTTP server handling static files, file modification times are important because browser will cache content using that time. If you build your site without taking this into account the result will be a website where all files times are new after each build.

    Blogging again

    Sun, May 22, 2016
    I decided to start blogging again. My previous blog was running LifeType, it served me well but I was trying to come back using a static web site generator. After many tries I found the perfect tool this time, simple and the best thing, self contained, no need for complex installation or dependencies downloads, just a simple Go binary: Hugo. Hosting is provided by GitLab pages.